Saturday, May 15, 2010

Leaping Frogs Your Magesty!

So TODAY im taking some reference shots for this piece im ganna work on that im so excited about. Knowing me though, when i get so excited in the beginning what ever im doing ends up getting really bad and i lose interest. Hopefully this will change and i can be excited the whole time!! Good practice for next semester. I want to take this Experimental Illustration class, which i will force my self to do some 3d things that have to come out awesome and i have to be interested in it the whole time i make it. YEAH ME! hah no not really yeah me, but yah know what im talking about.
So back to my piece im ganna work on i think im ganna do some brush and ink lines. I dont really get into that kind of stuff because it makes me nervous the lines will be to thick. I typically use microns or a pen, and I dunno my lines don't really have a fluidity that i want them to have. Since reading Kin (The Good Neighbors) by Holly Black and Ted Naifeh, Neifeh has some very interesting illustration techniques, although not totally my favorite but I really want to try out what he is doing.
On da I have also been following toerning. She's been doing some really fantastic brush and ink illustrations lately (mostly her Harry Potter ones).

So thats what im ganna do. Brush and ink with a little digital color. Perhaps i'll do 2 and one i'll do with acrylic washes/ watercolor? Lets see how this whole thing goes before I get ahead of my self.
Heres a stupid thing I did in my moleskin yesterday, cuz im probably ganna be working on this piece all day and wont get to post it till later.

I need to practice trees and other poses as you can see here. Fortunately that's on my list of things i need to work on.

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