Saturday, May 29, 2010


Ahhhhh...So it finally came.

Well awhile ago i had the most best wonderful opportunity to be on of the featured artist in the Photoshop WOW CS3/CS4 book. and its finally out now!!!!!!!!! I have 3 pieces featured in it and 2 of them have actually step by step descriptions of how I made them. The editor Linnea Dayton some how translated all my ummmmsss...and jubberish talk to REAL WORDS! This totally blows my mind! IM IN A BOOK! You guys should defiantly get it too! All the other artist are so wonderful in it and this book is so generally helpful! It comes with a disc of stuff too! I dunno I think its cool when some books come with disc.
Photoshop WOW get it HERE!
Its kind of cool too because this last painting is of my sister, so she gets to be in the book too!
there's also a little clip of her face in the back covers montage thing. I still cant believe this is real!!
Oh and here are some sketches from the other day...

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