Thursday, May 10, 2012

Open House

 Last night was the Illustration Portfolio Open House at my school. It's an event where all us seniors put out all out work and have tons of goodies out for all to take but mostly to lure potential clients in to look at our portfolios. It was pretty interesting and I really liked going around and seeing what everyone made. It was even more exciting because I had a few friends stop by and see everyone's great work!
Pretty sure Illustration is the best major at MassArt!

My table with come little cupcakes!
Melissa and her tasty Japanese candy!

Kelsey is really good at hanging things up.

Katrina and Kelsey's table

Molly has a really unique and amazing embroidered style of illustration!

Tarah's goodies!

Really looks good framed!

Pretty sure no one can compete with Kim Foley's water color and text skill!

Janelle's spotless table set-up!

Maddie and her cuteness!

Michelle's little guys!

Kim I took all your things!

Karla Mae and Ellie's lavish table with plenty of candy all over!

Nicole and part of Sam's table!

And yes a very awkward picture of me with my wall of things.

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